Are you ready to get your bookkeeping mess under control?

You need a Business Books Look!

If your business Quickbooks file is a mess, you are not really sure what you are doing, or you just know something is wrong, I bet you have no idea where to start to fix the problem, right?  If you're spending more time then you need to manage your bookkeeping, you are spending less time where you are really needed in your business.

And if you're putting it off, it's just going to get worse. Sorry to tell you that, but your business money management systems may take the back burner, but the bookkeeping does need to get done.  It's the barometer of your business financial health. You don't know where you stand with out looking at the numbers.

Do you really want to wait until the end of the year when your CPA is bugging you for your numbers and you have no idea how to put it all together in some sort of 'something' that makes sense? And do you know how much it’s going to cost you get have your CPA fix your books?!

And even worse, if you're not on top of the numbers, you really don't know how much money you are making.  If you're using your bank balance as a gauge of your business health, you are in need of a fix to get your bookkeeping sorted out quick!

I get it, it's fun making the money, but tracking it, not so much!

You can hire it all out and have someone do your business accounting for you. (hint, hint - you're ready for me to be your Accountant, or even better, your Virtual CFO!).  Or, you can fix what you have and make your life soooo much easier! Get your bookkeeping working for you, understand it so that you can manage, and keep it up to date with as little pain and time as possible.

A true Entrepreneur knows how much money she has in the bank,
how much income she's made, how much she's spent and on what,and how much profit her business keeps!

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Sometimes you just need to figure out what's wrong and how to fix it. You hire experts and delegate in other areas in your business.  Now it's time to bring on the money expert, figure out what's not working and find a way to do it better.  I've done books for hundreds of businesses over three decades and I'm super sharp at spotting what's wrong in Quickbooks and how to fix it.

Imagine how you will feel when your biz books are no longer out of control

  • your books are up to date and under control

  • you know how much income you've brought in and where it's come from

  • you know how much money you've spent and you know what you've spent it on

  • you know your bottom line; how much money you've really made

  • you are ready for tax time and your business records are audit ready

This is how the Business Books Look works

This program is ideal for the Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online DIYer who is doing their own bookkeeping.

I will work with you to review your current bookkeeping and money management systems and determine what your struggles and issues are. Then I'll develop a Full Books Look Report that will help you see what is not working, what corrections need to happen, and how to fix errors in how the processes are working. You will be able to get your messes fixed. And I'll make sure you know exactly how to use your new plan so you can keep your books up to date and you always understand what is going on with your business finances. 

  • You’ll get a detailed questionnaire to fill out so I understand your business and how your bookkeeping is working, your concerns and frustrations, and what you feel you are missing in your money system.

  • I’ll get access to your Quickbooks file and I’ll analyse your bookkeeping system and identify problems, errors, or mistakes. I'll prepare an Full Books Look Report with feedback about your issues, how to improve and fix them, offer suggestions on how to make your systems and processes run smoothly, and give you a list of action steps to take to get your books updated and a plan to make maintenance easy and pain-free

  • We will have a 1/2 Zoom call so we can go over the report and get your questions answered.

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